Kevin and I went to Yujiro’s for lunch today. I recently discovered that, aside from their miso ramen which I liked, they have added two new ramens. One of the ramens was a seafood ramen (shown above) and the other is a spicy miso ramen topped with chicken karaage.

I was excited to try one or the other; however, when I arrived, I realized that the two new ramens were not a permanent addition to their lunch menu, but we’re instead, offered as a special. The special they had today was the seafood ramen, which I ordered, and Kevin opted for the katsu don (shown below), as well as an order of gyoza.

I was surprised to find that the seafood ramen ($14) came in a very generous portion. It was probably enough to feed for two. The broth was milky, which is similar to what you would find in a tonkotsu base; however this broth was flavoured with lots of sesame oil. Some might even fight the sesame oil to be a bit too overpowering, but since I love sesame oil, I didn’t mind it.

The seafood it came with included cubes of deep fried salmon, squid, shrimp, and mussels. As for the vegetables, it came with carrots, onions, and cabbage. Overall, I quite enjoyed it and would definitely order again.

One thought on “Yujiro

  1. I love specials! Deep fried salmon sounds amazing!

    Ramen always seems to be too much food. I can’t bear leaving anything in my bowl so I always finish my ramen, but sometimes I wish they served just a little less.

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