The people at Seoulfood Project was kind enough to send me a korean coffee and tea box set, which is their featured box for this month.

I was surprised by the large and wide variety of items that they had in this box set. With most products coming in two, which would be great to share with a friend.

The first package I opened contained a number of Korean snacks that are meant to be paired with the coffee and teas that are provided. One of the snacks is called “yakwa”, which is a traditional Korean honey pastry. My husband, who is Korean, was well aware of what it was and he and I both enjoyed it. To me, it tasted a lot like a Chinese pastry that I had, though I’m not sure what it is called in English.

The next package included an assortment of instant coffee. Of these, my husband told me that Tom N Toms Coffee was like the Korean version of Starbucks. Even the colours of it’s package reminded me a lot of Starbucks. I am excited to try all these different coffees. I am already quite curious about the round packaged ones, which are citron and jujube flavour. I am also not quite sure how to prepare it either, as none of them come with any instructions, so I will need to count on Google to help me with that.

The last package was smaller, which contained an assortment of teas, including green tea latte and green flakes.

I instantly tried the green tea latte and had it with Lotte’s Binch chocolate cookie. The latte was good and tasted similar to the green tea latte you would get at Starbucks. My husband, however, thought that it wasn’t sweet enough (but he has a tendency to like overly sweet things!)

I also tried the cute and funny looking tea bag, which was lemongrass tea. The tea was also quite good and I had enjoyed it with the “yakwa”.

Being able to try all these different different products is great, especially since it can be somewhat risky to buy these products separately to try. If you end up not liking it, then the money you spent on it goes to waste. So I really like SeoulFood Project’s concept because it allows you to sample a variety of items.

If you are interested in getting their Korean coffee and tea box or would like more information, visit SeoulFood Project. The deadline to preorder is quickly approaching, so get yours before April 27, 2014!

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