Art of Plating

 Last week, the hubs and I went to our favourite japanese/korean restaurant, Momo, for lunch. The hubs ordered chicken katsu and california roll (which he claims to be the best he’s ever had), and I decided to try their jae yuk bokkeum (I usually order their dolsot bibimbap or gamjatang). I wasn’t able to finish my food so I had leftovers to take back home with me.
 A lot of times when people have leftovers, they would just dump it onto their plate and heat it up in the microwave. I, on the other hand, like to have my food presented all beautifully, so I always like to find ways to plate it in an artistic way. I see my food as art and my plate as the canvas, and this is what resulted from my leftover jae yuk bokkeum. I served the pork over a bed of rice, quick homemade pickled cucumbers, and of course, my favourite poached egg.

9 thoughts on “Art of Plating

  1. That’s so gorgeous — I’m definitely guilty of the dump-and-eat strategy and need to remedy that next time. Who knew leftovers could be so inspiring? Thanks 🙂

  2. Lovely left-over. I just really love the creative way you always display your food – whether they’re freshly cooked or leftovers ^_^

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